SNDP 303: First Ever Live Stream Show!

We finally made the leap! We were live on youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Everyone got to see our beautiful faces ( I know everyone was excited to see that.)

We had a lot of fun talking about the dumpster fire that is Giants and Jets. We break down the  Patriots going into Buffalo and beat the Bills with Mac Jones only throwing the ball three times the WHOLE Game. It was Bill being Bill that’s why he’s the greatest coach of all time.
The College Football playoffs are set in stone, What are the early views of the final four teams? Was it smart to have Alabama and Georgia not play vs each other in the semi-finals after they played each other in the SEC Championship? 
Steve and Vin break down the 1st few weeks of the brand new UBS Arena. The good, the bad, and the ugly. For those who have gone to any games this year do you agree or disagree? 
We finally wrap up with our weekly football picks, we talk about the games we love, hate, and are indifferent with.
Thank you to everyone who watched us live and listened to our show, Please be sure to Rate, Review, and Like all our Social Media accounts. Have a great week! 

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