SNDP 299: Winter Is Coming

With Vin unable to record this week, Steve and Dan kick it old school for this episode. 

The show starts off by talking about the start of the season for the Knicks and Nets. They are both playing well and just working out the early season kinks. 
Since it’s the NBA’s 75th season, most of the team’s “City Edition” Jerseys paid homage to their respected team history. We break down the jerseys we loved and hated. 
Baseball season is finally over, Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves for winning the 2021 World Series in six games the Houston Astros. Even though it was at the Mets expense of coming back to win the NL East. The Braves fought hard to make this run that a lot of people didn’t expect to happen. 
It’s our weekly favorite game with the NFL pick ’em pool. We break down all the big news for the upcoming week and each and every game that is being played this week. 
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