SNDP 298: To Infinity And Beyond

Another week and another fun-filled show. Steve, Vin, and Dan are all back this week. We start off with some entertainment news with the trailer of the new Buzz Lightyear movie coming to life. 

We finally got into sports and talked about the World Series. Do we feel down and out about the Braves in the world series? we break down what to expect in the remainder of the series between the Braves and Astros. 
Another week and no new answers in the Mets front office hiring process. Who’s to blame for them not being able to interview or having people interested in taking this said job. We shall see if and when a legit candidate appears. As of now, it’s only been pipeline dreams and tons of regret.
We talk about the current awful story about the Chicago Blackhawks back in 2010 covering up a sexual assault situation from one of their employees with a former minor league player. It’s beyond awful and inexcusable for this story to be coming out now 11 years after the fact. Truly an awful story. 
To light the show back up to normal, we broke down the Giants win over the Panthers last Sunday, after that, we broke down our weekly Pick’em picks for the upcoming week. we shall see who wins this week coming up between the three of us. 
As always thank you for listening and be sure to tell your friends and family to check us out!  

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