We are back for another jam-packed show. Everything from New York baseball teams off-season moves and what we expect to our weekly football picks!

The Yankees bring back Aaron Boone on a three-year extension. We break down the Yankees fan’s anger towards bringing him back. We break down that it might be franchise flaws not just an issue with the manager but the whole front office and maybe they should look into finding more contact hitters instead of looking for their all-or-nothing power hitters that they fall in love with. 
As for the Mets, the three big candidates they were mentioned for the GM role ended the rumors rather quickly/unrealistic. So the Mets are still gathering their information on who would become the next GM and after they hire one they have to find a manager to lead the team. We also talk about Javy will the Mets find a way to resign him regardless of cost. We shall see.
It’s week 7 of the NFL season we break down all of the week 7 picks. We break down each and every game and recap the following week’s game. Who do you love this week?
As always thank you for listening and will talk to you all next week. 

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