SNDP 296: 9 Years Later!

Happy 9th anniversary to the SNDpodcast, who would’ve thought we would be celebrating our 9th year doing this show! 
We had plenty to break down this week.

Hockey season is underway, we break down the Islanders and Rangers and what to look forward to this upcoming season, we also talk about the NHL being back on NHL for the 1st time since the 2004 season and welcome aboard TNT as their main broadcasting networks. We hope as much as other NHL fans this helps grow the game around the country being on bigger networks than what NBC and NBC Sports Network unfortunately never was even though the coverage was great. 
NBA is about to start next week. The Knicks camp has been really relaxed and they are playing hard in the preseason games with very little to no drama ( we know that’s a first). The other New York Team is not so lucky. The Nets and Kyrie Irving drama with Kyrie using his right not to get the Covid Vaccines which means Kyrie can not play any home games due to his choice. The Nets made it official on Tuesday that he will not be with the team until he either gets the vaccine or the NYC rules loosen up. So it’s a very tricky convo to have but we break it down for everyone.
We get into our weekly PIckem picks for week 6 of the NFL season, we break down the local teams and the Packers. With the Football season basically over in  NY, what do we still have to look forward to, and what small things each team will have to look forward to the rest of the way.    
As always thank you for listening and we will talk next week. 

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