SNDP 294: NY Football Stinks

We are heading into week 4 of the NFL season.  The gang is here again and we recap everything that happened in week 3. 

Vin actually went to the Giant with Steve and Dan. Vin got a firsthand experience of watching how bad the Giants are this season. What exactly is the Giants issue being at 0-3 to start the 2021 season.  There isn’t exactly one and we get into it, is it the coaching staff calling it way too conservative, ‘is it the weekly deadly play that forces the giants having to play perfect each and every week.  How come they are playing so undisciplined when Coach Judge’s main focus is to be smart, sound, and disciplined in football. There is some sort of disconnect that can’t be pinpoint at this very moment. Something has to give but will it actually give for the Giants to find a way to fall into a win in a given week.  

We also recapped Eli Manning’s Jersey retirement and Ring of Honor ceremony. We thought it was very well done and in typical Giants and Eli Manning fashion it was first class all the way. 

We head into our week 4 picks and we go into much depth of each and every game that will be played this weekend. There are plenty of games that make you wonder why current spreads are so high or very low. We shall see really what is going on in each and every game. 

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