SNDP 293: WEEK 3

With NHL and NBA camps starting up within the next few weeks the gang talks about the ever-polarizing topic of Covid Vaccines. We try to break it down as respectful and least political as a sports podcast can go.  Especially on how both leagues encourage their players to do so. We have seen how covid affects both the players who have gotten vaccinated and those who have not. It will be interesting to see how teams handle the policies this year going forward. 

The next topic we talk about is the new list of NFL Hall of Fame nominees. There are plenty of great names to have a chance to make the hall this year as first-ballot Hall of Famers. It sure will be interesting to see how the committee narrows it down to the finalists this year. 

Then it’s time for everyone’s favorite part of our show is the Weekly NFL picks with spreads this week we have a lot of games with very big spreads. It will be very interesting to see if Vegas and the bettors are right on the money with these spreads or do the public win some money this week if they inf fact put money down.  We break down each game for week 3.

Lastly, we talk about the Mets and their disappointing end to the 2021 season. We are planning on having a real fun after-season conversation about the Mets going forward and year two for the Cohen era.  Loads of question marks from front office jobs all the way down to the ball boy. There will be plenty of excitement hopefully for the Mets going into spring training 2022. 

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