Welcome to Episode 290, The gang once again is all here! With plenty of topics to talk about! Everything from NFL Training Camp and the first preseason games to the Mets is still alive but has not been playing well since the All-Star break.

The Giants and Jets faced off in week one of the preseason, Steve attended the game and gave us his input being at a football game for the first time since the last week of the 2019 regular season. Both Dan and he aren’t so worried about the game because the Giants played mostly their backups and expected most of the giants playing to be sloppy. They were both able to find positives in a very lackluster pre-season game. 

On the other hand for the Jets, they played with more of their starting players. We talked about Zack Wilson NFL debut. We thought he played well for the exact way he should of with what the Giants defense gave the jets offense. If you are a Jet fan you couldn’t be upset with that at all.  The future can be very bright for him if he is given enough time to learn and have talent around it.

Vin got to see Jordan Love make a few throws to be somewhat excited for when the post-Aaron Rodgers era happens. As always since the Packers are always good. Training camp is a big-time snooze fest for packer fans (must be nice).

With all our hate for the Dallas Cowboys. We thought the first episode of Hard Knocks was very lackluster. But I’m sure if we were Cowboy fans it would be an exciting watch but we know it’s just going to be a Jerry Jones love fest and we’ve seen that enough over the last 30 years to not get so excited about that. Maybe next year HBO picks a different team. 

We had our airing of grievances about the New York Mets. We go into deep lengths on what exactly is wrong with the Mets recently and thankfully the division is so poor right now that even with the massive slump they can be within reach when hopefully they wake up from their slumber. 

As always thank you for listening and please be sure to like, rate and review. Until next time have a good one.  

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