SNDP 289: Mid Summer Catch Up

After a month’s vacation, the crew is back together again. We had plenty to catch up on. Everything from the start of the  NBA Free Agency, To the NFL Training camp, to the NHL free agency, and of course the MLB Trade Deadline.

We led off with talking about super teams and how the ” Super Team” have always been around but it really wasn’t really ever came from a free agency other than the last 10 years or so. We all mentioned how it was refreshing to see the final four of the NBA Playoffs were teams that were built the right way and the Bucks won it the right way.
Training camp got underway, The Packers have been in the news a lot lately because Aaron Rodgers was very upset with the organization. So they are running it back one final time and we let Vin let out the frustration that was inside him all off-season to finally boil over. It seems like it’s to a point of a relationship that they had at the end of Bret Farve’s era in Green Bay. It should be a really interesting final season with Rodgers. It was pretty quiet week one at Giants camp.  A few noteworthy moments we covered. Dan is pretty excited for the season to kick off and mentioned how he thinks the team is showing off very positive vibes so far in their team building that if the garling question marks become positives for the Giants that they could really surprise a ton of people. Obviously, time will only tell but with week one there are loads of things to get amped up for.
Steve and Vin take it away from the rest of the podcast due to Dan having technical difficulties. They broke down the Islanders offseason so far and why they have made a lack of moves to date and there might be some trades in the work that might be holding things up for the Islanders to officially announce moves.  Lastly, they break down how the Mets have basically run the same way as they have always been but are just really lucky that they are playing in the division that is playing so poorly right now. Do the Mets find a way to wake up and stay on top of the East from here on out. there is a lot of positives and negatives that can show up the rest of the way. and dictate the vibes of the fan base and franchise. 

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