The gang is back together for the first time in a few weeks. Steve and Dan welcome back Vin! There is a ton to talk about. As the Joker says in “The Dark Knight” and here we go! 

The guys are watching the Mets game while recording. We all know how this kind of show goes. deGrom left the game after the third inning and Vin and Dan needed to be taken off the ledge and remain positive until we hear further on what is going on.  Since Vin hasn’t been able to record with us we get his take on the “ ReplaceMets”.   With the tough few weeks coming up the Mets can find a way to distance themselves from the rest of the division which would be amazing. 

The Yankees are still feeling themselves out. They are starting to show live in this series with the Blue Jays.  What will it take for the Yankees to make things interesting and bounce back into the AL East contention?

The Islanders and Lightning are heading back to the Coli with the series all tied up at 1. What will it take for the Islanders to take advantage of home ice these next two games? They recap the first two games and they are expecting these series to go very deep if both teams play like they did.

Lastly, we finish the show off with the banged-up Brooklyn Nets and how epic KD’s 49 point game 5 might have awoken the Nets to go up 3 games to 2 vs the Bucks. Can the Nets find a way to overcome the injury bug and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals we shall see? 

Thanks again for listening and we will talk to you next time. 

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