SNDP 286: Kicking It Old School

We are 2/3rds back, Steve and Dan are back together and with the playoffs in full swing, we touched base on everything.

Before we get into the NBA and NHL, there was a huge trade in the NFL All-Pro WR Julio Jones was traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Tennessee Titans. Steve and Dan had mixed and different feelings on the trade. What did you feel about the move? 

We moved on to the Atlanta Hawks who took care of our beloved Knicks in 5 games and we gave them the right send-off and what we expect and hope they would do in the off-season and build on this season. With everything the Knicks did, there is no reason why they aren’t back in the playoffs next season. 

We quickly touched on the Brooklyn Nets who took care of the Celtics in the 1st round in 5 games as well. In rather boring fashion but it’s the playoffs and there are no fashion points this time of year. They are going to be in a tough series with the Bucks. We expect them to be the ones on top at the end of this series because it is built for these moments. 

On to the Isles, the Islanders are in a tough series but a great one so far with the Boston Bruins. As expected, this series has been everything a casual hockey fan hopes for, Goals, great goaltending, hits, fights you name it this series has had it. We break down what the islanders have to keep on doing to find a way to be the team’s last standing.  They are built for these kinds of series with the big bad Bruins.

Lastly, it’s the tale of two different teams for the New York baseball teams, The Mets while banged up are still finding ways to win games and have a short lead-in being in 1st place in the NL East. They will be facing a big challenge in the next few weeks. It’s obviously too early to officially say make or break but at the end of the year, we easily can say this two-week period can be the reason or not the reason this team is in the playoff picture. Then there are the Yankees who seem to be very stale and are currently in 4th place in the AL East, with a lot of questions and drama with how poorly they have started the 2021 season, what will it take for the Yankees to bounce back and get back into the thick of the AL East. 

Until next time enjoy your NBA and NHL playoffs and have a great week talk to everyone next time. 

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