SNDP 285: Dark Knight Returns

Welcome back to another fun-filled episode where the gang breaks everything in New York sports to a fine powder. 

They lead off with the red-hot Mets during their 7 game winning streak. There has been a load of stories that would be good for a team all season long but not the Mets.

They break down the “Rat/ Racoon” incident between Lindor and McNeil. We didn’t understand why they had to make up a story rather than just keeping it in the house because everyone knew that they had a healthy and heated moment with one another. We discuss how that woke both players up from their early-season struggles

We also break down the man, myth, and legend that is Patrick Mazeika. The third-string catcher being able to win two games off walk-offs before collecting his first major league hit all in one homestand was so wacky.  

Lastly, Wednesday marked the return of Matt Harvey coming back for the 1st time to face the Mets as a visiting player. We broke down what it meant when it was “Happy Harvey Day ” and was pleased that they got a warm reaction from the crowd today which was deserved.

Wednesday also was the night of the NFL making the 2021 schedule made public to the world. Dan and Steve are excited about the idea of being able to tailgate and be at games again after not being able to do so in 2020. We also break down all the other important games around the league games as of today would be exciting games to watch if everything said as is. 

The Knicks are coming home after a .500 road trip. We break down what to expect to wrap up the final three games before the playoffs start. We also touch who they might face in the 1st round of the playoffs.  

Lastly, the Islanders start their playoff run this weekend vs the Pittsburgh Penguins. Can Trots and the boys find another postseason magic like they did last year in the bubble? The Isles aren’t playing well at the moment and that makes Vin nervous but that’s why you play the games. 

Enjoy your playoff races and games until than catch you next week. 

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