SNDP 284: Playoffs and Baseball

Welcome to May, we have a full slate of sports. You have to be in heaven if you are a sports fan like us. Everything is in full swing.

Between the Knick and The NFL Draft. The gang is really impressed with how the Knicks before recording have won 12 out of the last 13 games. From us hoping and getting excited for the Knicks had to play in the Play in rounds of the playoffs to potentially being a top 4 seed. The Knicks are in the middle of a huge western road trip that will be a huge test for these young and tough Knicks. With the Knicks being so hot New York has regained its love for this team you can feel the energy after each and every game. Let’s enjoy this run and see how far they can go.

We haven’t been on the pod since the end of the NFL draft. Steve and Dan break down why they didn’t sound so happy when the Giants officially drafted Kadarius Toney out of Florida. They don’t hate the pick it was more of the fact that they weren’t expecting the Giants to trade back and after doing their homework they are ok with the pick that “Trader Dave” and the rest of the Giants brass did in this year’s draft. 

With Vin on the show, you better believe we had to talk about the ugly Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers potential of a breakup. Obviously, he was very upset but if it has to end, he hopes that the Packers get top offers which they should with the talent that is Rodgers. As expected, he is very disappointed that their relationship can end on this kind of note. But we shall see what happens in the coming days. 

We wrap up tonight’s show talking about how loud the Yankee Stadium crowd was on Tuesday night when the Yankees faced the Houston Astros for the first time after the cheating scandal. It was impressive how loud the crowd was as if it was a normal full sellout. We had to give credit where credit was due. On to the Mets they are slowly playing out of their offensive slump when will Lindor finally break out of his 0-24 slump and when is the right time to start to get worried with early struggles. 

Until next time, we will see talk to you soon! 

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