SNDP 283: It’s Only April!!!!!!

With baseball back in full swing, the gang breaks down all things Major league baseball. We go into the not the hottest of starts for both local teams.

With the Mets, we go into detail one of the main reasons why we feel that the Mets haven’t started off so hot was because of the unfortunate postponements of the opening series with the Nationals due to the Nats having a few members of their team having covid. Along with a few rainouts during this homestand. We really felt like this team is hopefully going to get going the moment they are able to play every day and go on with their normal schedule.

We also tell people to relax bout Michael Conforto slump to start the season. We have all the faith in the world that he will be producing in no time.

The boys from the Bronx on the other hand seem to have a very cold week in Florida losing both series to the Rays and Blue Jays (the Jays are playing their home games in Florida due to Covid).  Will the Yankees bust out of their slump when they come back to the Bronx this weekend.

Steve and Vin both experienced going to Sporting events and we compared them both on how Citi Field and Nassau Coliseum.

Lastly, we wrap up the show talking about Disney + and Marvel’s Studios new hit show “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” in typical Marvel fashion they hit another out of the ballpark. Spoiler Alerts if you have yet seen the show, we highly suggest you take the time and watch it.

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