SNDP 264: Baseball Playoffs!

Episode 264 starts with some Twitter topics of the day and the MLB, NHL, and NBA playoffs. Doc Rivers got fired and we question if he’s a good coach. The MLB playoff format is weird and we aren’t sure if we like it, Vin Diesel is singing and Joe Rogan is getting censored.

With the MLB playoffs starting this week we go into each series and break it down. The Yankees take in the deep starting pitching of the Indians as their quest for the WS begin. We also talk about the young fun teams like the blue jays, white Sox, and padres that are getting a chance to play in the postseason because it is expanded. We then get into the New York football teams and how bad this season is going to be. In recapping the rest of the NFL we talk about how the Packers are off to a hot start and go quickly around the rest of the league. 

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