SNDP 261: RIP Tom Seaver/ Chadwick Boseman

Steve and Dan guide you through one of the more difficult shows they have had to do in the shows eight years of the SNDPodcast.

Sndpodcast Channel · SNDP 261: RIP Tom Seaver/ Chadwick Boseman

They spoke about pro sports looking to be at the forefront of social justice in America. We ask what can be done to help spark insightful conversations to help bring on change.
The mid-show we find out Tom Seaver passed away and shared some memories and insight on stories of our families who witnessed him play live and how we missed out on watching an all-time great pitcher we were truly bummed when we found out about his loss.
The Islanders are a win away from the Eastern Conference Finals! Is this real life? They break down what we should expect the Islanders should do in Game 6 vs the flyers.
We cap the show off in honoring actor Chadwick Boseman who passed away this weekend to Colon Cancer. We give our top 5 movies of his and list. We hoped we honored him as best as we could of.
To the Boseman and Seaver Families, we are sorry for your losses and they both will be missed.
RIP Black Panther RIP Tom Terrific

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