SNDP # 259: Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Episode 259 starts off with the Leafs losing! John Tavares left for green pastures and still lost. The penguins and Leafs might need to blow their teams up and Andres Gimenez is impressing. Twitter topics start with Shia LaBeouf is coming to the MCU and Draymond got fined for doing his job. We also discuss some of the concerts we’ve been too.

Sndpodcast Channel · SNDP # 259: Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Just when it looked like the Mets were starting to turn it around everything starts to crumble as they lose Michael Wacha and Marcus Stroman opts out for this season. The Rangers lose their play-in series but win the first overall as their rebuild continues to rise and the Islanders get ready for their first-round series against the Capitals. The NBA playoffs are a bit confusing but things are starting to make sense as the actual playoffs are coming soon. 

Our top 5 this week is the top 5 guilty pleasure songs! We go through some songs we aren’t ashamed to say we love from our childhood.

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