Episode 257 gets going with Twitter topics! RIP Regis Philbin, there was a sneak peek at the Snyder cut and we ramble about our usual stuff. We also discuss Jamal Admas trade to the Jets and the ramifications of that. We also broke down the 2017 NFL draft when the Jets took Adams and how things could’ve been different.

Sndpodcast Channel · SNDP # 257: SPORTS ARE BACK?

Baseball had its opening weekend and it went, not so great! The Mets had a classic heartbreaking loss and then a blowout while the Yankees survive the rain and win 2 out of 3. No one is social distancing or doing anything different so we are just going to enjoy it while it lasts!

Our top 5 this week is our favorite binge-able TV shows! We discuss our favorite characters, moments, and shows from happy days to Seinfeld and everything in between!

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