SNDP 255: The Smell Of Sports Is In The Air!

Episode 255 is a jam-packed show! We start off with the Twitter topics of the day with sports getting back into the swing of things with players reporting to their camps but also some opting out. Will Smith and Jada Smith are having issues and we get intrigued dog actors’ lives. We also go off on some rangers, like usual.

Sndpodcast Channel · SNDP 255: The Smell Of Sports Is In The Air!

Next, we bring in Danny to talk to all the MLB news. Steve Cohen is back in the race to buy the Mets! Will his 4 billion dollar offer for the team and the TV network be enough? We also discuss the possibility of development next to Citi Field. The Islanders got some good news as they can sign their top goalie prospect and get him ready for next season.

Lastly, we do our top 5 list of sports moments we would’ve like to see! We discuss some of the best moments in sports history and also how insanely good Wayne Gretzky was.

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