SNDP #254: We Have Schedules!

Episode 254 is a jam-packed show! We start with the Twitter topics of the day. Patrick Mahomes signed the biggest contract in sports, the NHL has agreed to a CBA extension to hopefully get a season going and lots of other fun.

Sndpodcast Channel · SNDP #254: We Have Schedules

Next, we bring in Danny to talk to all the MLB news. The schedule is out for the hopeful 2020 season! Pablo Sandavol is big, Steve Cohen might buy the Mets and we hope Tanaka is ok. Teams have reported and started working out, but the virus has hit the league hard. Will they make it through? We hope so.

Lastly, we do our top 5 list of our comic books movies! We discuss most of the MCU, what made it so great, and all the other comic book movies.

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