SNDP # 241: Social Distancing

Just like most of the country and the world for that matter we are all hunkered down in our own houses pondering what is next for everything going on in the sports world with it being paused due to the COVID-19. We kept it light and we had a dream episode of no real topics just your basic shoot your shit kind of episode.


We went from everything from favorite Mets moments from the late 2000s to being able to drive ourselves to the games and times we each had FOMO missing games due to family events the same day. To the craziest sports weeks, we all have had.


Then Vin found a Bleacher Report article dating all the way in 2010 the greatest sporting arguments and we check out a few that either they spot on or way off looking back what had happened the last ten years.


Lastly, we forget to mention the greatest Quarterback Tom Brady has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We all still can’t believe that he isn’t on the Patriots anymore. But we think that this should make the Bucs a playoff contender before even playing a snap for them. We also talk about the early stages of NFL free agency and how the Giants and the rest of the league have done.


As always thank you for listening. During this time, we hope all you are staying home if you are able to. If not thank you for those who are first responders who have to still go out and live their lives during this crazy time in our lives.

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