SNDP 239: Super Bowl Recap/ XFL is Back

The gang is all here recap the Super Bowl LIV.

Congratulate the Kansas City Chiefs on winning this year’s super bowl they recap everything from pre-game prop bets to the halftime show (Lordy) to the actual game like a fine powder. We ended up going down a fox hole learning Kicker Mark Moseley won the NFL MVP 1982.

This week Lead off we discuss the rebirth of the XFL. Will it last for more than one season? Will they, not a gimmick like 20 years ago? Will they realize that they are not the NFL and build their own brand and grow steadily to maybe be a minor league system for the NFL.

Lastly, we get excited that pitchers and catchers are a week away. Is it time to get a little excited?

The Islanders call up Kieffer Bellows, Vin and Steve break down what we should look forward to this young Islander Prospect. Is it time to start a panic that they fell into a wild card spot at the moment?

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