SNDP # 233: Coaching

With the current state of New York Sports. It just seems to be natural to talk about the good and poor jobs the coaches/managers in the area have been doing in their respective sports.

Our leadoff would you prefer the veteran coach who has been in the battles and has the experience of bringing a team to the highest level, or you want the upcoming younger coach who doesn’t have the experience but he has enough smarts to learn on the fly and become a savvy one.  With the New York football teams playing each other and the fans of both fan bases not loving either coach of their respective teams we break down both of their flaws and see ways, each team can improve. We also talk about the newest New York Coach/Manger in Mets manager Carlos Beltran (very weird to say still) and discuss what we are looking forward to in the first time manger. Lastly, we talk about the Islanders who have one of the last ten games and we praise the job that Barry Trotz has done to help the Islanders. We had a lot of fun with this episode. As always please rate, review and subscribe. Enjoy!

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