SNDP # 231 Daniel Jones Era Begins

Steve and Dan kick it old school tonight since Vin wasn’t able to record with them this week.

They broke down the excitement that baseball fans have for the 2019 Playoffs. That led us to this week’s leadoff which was “ Should MLB cut the Wild Card Round or not” Steve and Dan both gave compelling answers to this question.

The guys broke down the first month of the NFL Season. Since they haven’t recorded since the Giants named Daniel Jones as starting Quarterback. They break down the things that they are very impressed with Daniel in his first two career starts that have them wanting more as the season goes along. They also break down the potential that the very young Giants defense can improve after a very slow start so far into the season.

They also quickly talked about the Jets and their sad start to the season. Everything from Mono to injuries can they get healthy after the bye?

Finally with hockey season starting this week. They go in-depth with the three local teams in the Islanders, Devils, and Rangers. All Three teams have what it take to make some noise in the season and maybe hopefully make noise in the playoffs.  They go deep into each team strengthens and weakness

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