SNDP# 228: Joining #ESNY

The boys open up discussing the fan that caught Albert Pujols’ 2000th RBI. Should the fan get to keep the ball? What would you do in the situation? We also get Mike from ESNY take on it. Mike also talks about ESNY, what it is, how he got involved and the great stuff they are doing over there.

Next the guys discuss the Mets inconsistent start to the season. How will they do in the month of May against sup-par competition? Can they turn it around? They also talk about the Yankees continuing their hot at the the back-ups being the stars. Is Gio Urshella for real? And how will they handle the roster when they the regulars get back?

Finally Steven and Vin take over as Dan goes to the Met game. They go on one of their normal rants discussing everything from the NHL and NBA playoffs to how the Islanders and Knicks will handle their off-season.

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