SNDP: Nicky Snacks Coming Out of the Bullpen

Dan flying solo again due to scheduling once again. So, Dan calls to the bullpen to one of his good friends Nicky Snacks. Dan introduced the SND audience to the wonderful mind that is Snacks.

After breaking the ice, we got to find out how the Giants mean the world to both Snacks and I. We talk about the magical run of the 2000 NFC Champions that really got our fandom to what it is today. We discuss how it really was family ties that also helped us not having a real choice not. Nicky talks about his grandpa taught him at a very young age that it is a way of life.

Then we go into baseball on how it’s a different and better life is being a Yankee fan. Snacks may or may not have help spark the F Altuve chants at Yankee Stadium last month when the Astros came to town.

The guys finally talk about the most surprising story in the NBA this season in their beloved Knicks they recap the First two games of the 1st round matchup vs the Atlanta Hawks and what they hope to see for the rest of this series.

We wrap up the pod breaking down what else Nicky does with Bleeding Blue and BDGE. How he enjoys doing those shows and Fantasy football is a completely different animal when you play in a dynasty format and how that person is a different breed.

Thanks again for listening to the show, be sure to follow Snacks on twitter @Snacks_BDGE.  

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