SNDP: Giants Round Table

Dan is riding solo once again. He thought since the MLB is on their All- Star break that he would bring in some friends who is in his inter circle of Giants fans and talk about their love for the Giants.

Dan introduces this three guest to the program for the very first time his good friend Harris who he met a few years back at a few season ticket holder events and be came friendly from the moment they met each other. He also introduces his college roommate Doug who has been finds with Dan for over 15 years and still going strong and lastly and not least Justin from Talkin Giants and Bleeding Blue and break down how we became friendly over the last year.

I thought it would be a fun exercise if we did a snake draft and picked our favorite Giants moments that we’ve witnessed as fans both the good and the bad. The guys break down and had a real fun discussion and really going into detail each game.

I really enjoyed this episode I would love to do it again sometime I cant thank Harris, Doug and Justin for coming on. Be sure to follow Justin on twitter @JustinPenik and all things Talkin Giants @TalkinGiants and Bleeding Blue @Bleeding_Blue. Until Next time enjoy the pod and talk to you all soon.

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