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Due to scheduling conflicts only, Dan was able to record this week. So, Dan Brought in the big guns his cousin Rich.

This has been years in the making Dan introduces Rich to the SNDpodcast listeners. We talk about our families love for New York sports and how our family molded us to what we are today. We also talk about how he got into sports broadcasting while being at Seton Hall.

We talk about history of watching Giants games together and remembering the career that Eli Manning after the Giants announced they are retiring his #10 and his name in the ring of honor Week 3 of the 2021 vs the Atlanta Falcons.

Disclaimer we recorded on Thursday night; the next topics are a little outdated.

The Mets are still finding away to win games even when they are completely cooled down and still holding on to the division lead. Will the Mets get out of the June that has always been a rough month for the Mets in the past. They are slowly getting healthy at the right time. What will it take the Mets to enter the all-star break with the division lead?

As of Thursday, the Yankees were feeling good and entering the weekend series vs the Red Sox. They have to go back to the drawing board after getting swept this weekend. We basically didn’t see the Yankees completely breaking out of even after a good week before this series so its back to the drawing board for the Bronx Bombers.

Lastly, they recap the epic Game 6 Islanders win to force game 7 in the Semi- Finals vs The Tampa Bay Lightning. Dan couldn’t wait for the puck to drop and Rich tried to warn him. Obviously, we know the turn out of the game now. It was a sad defeat here’s to a productive off season hopefully.

Thank you to Rich for coming on Be sure to Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @RichBehan12 and @HalltheSport.

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