SNDP 260: Leo Season

Episode 260 starts with some crazy Twitter topics. The Washington football team hired the first black team president, Alex Smith is cleared for football activities but can’t use his foot and cow farts could save the environment as well as some video game talks. We also discuss the best chicken sandwiches and Deion Sanders joining barstool.

Sndpodcast Channel · SNDP 260: Leo Season
The Mets had the most Mets weekend as Jacob Degrom misses his start and the rest of the team doesn’t show up to get swept by the Phillies. Jeff Wilpon doesn’t like Steve Cohen so it’s going screw up the future of the franchise. The Nets made the playoffs but don’t have much of a chance and then we talk about the track the Knicks are on. Finally, we get to the Islanders dominance of the Caps and their chance to sweep on Tuesday.

Our top 5 this week is our favorite Leo DiCaprio movies. We recap one of the best actors ever career and what we love about him.

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