SNDP #253: Sports are back!

Episode 253 starts off with actual sports news to talk about!

Sndpodcast Channel · SNDP #253: Sports are back!

MLB teams have submitted their 60 man roster pool of players that can be used this season. We also discuss the Mets roster going into 2020 and how they stack up! We also discuss Cam Newton signing with the Patriots and how it affects the landscape of the NFL.

Next, Steven talks to Fess from the blue and orange army. They start off by talking about the craziness around Covid-19. They then move into talking about the army’s plan for watching the summer hockey playoffs as a group, of course following all the of the rules for the safety of all members and viewers. They also discuss the 329 plans for the new arena and Belmont and some idea’s Fess has tossed at the team for the new arena.

Lastly, we do our top 5 list of our favorite football players that never played for our favorite teams and discuss some of our memories connected to them.

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