SNDP 248: Sports On The Way Back?

The boys are back! We start it off with a musical number from Dannys Dad and a bit of a back story of Danny and Stevens friendship, and then they jump into their top 5 sports movie moments that make you cry and some sports movies we enjoy.
Sndpodcast Channel · SNDP 248: Sports On The Way Back?
Next, we get into the potential return of the NHL and sports in general returning. The NHL has a plan to resume their season and MLB has news on it’s proposed salary cuts for players. The road back after the virus won’t be easy but we are ready!
And Steven and Vin go on one of their normal Mets rants

Lastly, Steven and Vin dive into some all-time baseball numbers and how likely it’s is that the record for Saves, Home Runs, Hits, and Strikeouts. Then they wrap it up with their thoughts on Cam Newton still being a free agent.


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