SNDPODCAST EPISODE 327: New York Sport Update

We are back for another fun-filled podcast! Tons to talk about.

The Nets are still in the news. In the last episode, Kyrie did not know if he would pick up his player option or become a free agent. He accepted it after our pod a few weeks ago. Last week rumors came out that KD would like to be traded. It’s that time of year for crazy NBA rumors of which teams can give up a ton of assets for one of the premier players in the league. We all believe he had four years left in his contract in BK. That in any other sport, the Nets have the leverage. We all know the NBA is different.

Next, we talk about the NHL and the issue some Russian-born players are dealing with in this off-season. It’s scary stuff when you are in-depth with it all.

The Braves are still red hot and are on the Mets tails for the division lead. The Mets are playing fine and aren’t choking. It’s just simply impressive how the Braves have played this last month. We break down what we would want to do at the trade deadline that is coming up in a few weeks.

Until next week. We’ll catch everyone then

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