We are back for another fun-filled podcast! Tons to talk about.

NBA Draft night is here; We recap the top 11 picks. Why 11, you say?  It’s because the Knicks had the 11th pick. Listen to our reaction to the selections, and the Knicks move precisely.

Kyrie is in the news again. There is potential that the Nets and Kyrie are far apart from resigning with Brooklyn. What does this mean for the Nets and Kyrie? Does this mean KD isn’t far behind? We will have an interesting few weeks to see what happens in Brooklyn.

We talk about the Golden State Warriors winning another NBA Finals over the Boston Celtics in 6 games.  Steph Curry finally wins his NBA Finals MVP. Where does this land him in the top 10 discussions?

The Colorado Avalanche are buzzing. While recording, they hold a 3-1 series lead over the back to back defending Champs with the Lightning. They are playing out of their minds right now. We all think that Tampa has finally ran out of gas with the deep playoff runs they’ve had the past few years. If they don’t come back and win this series. It was still a hell of a run.

 Until next week. We’ll catch everyone then.

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