SNDP 306: Wrapping Up 2021

2021 is wrapping up, the guys are back to send everyone off on a good note to 2022. Plenty of football this week to touch and cover. Even though New York Football is a complete dumpster fire. 

We start the show with the very upsetting news that football legend John Madden passed away on Tuesday. We all broke down what Coach Madden was to growing the Game and is one of the key contributors to growing the NFL to what it is today. Everything from winning the Super Bowl with the Raiders. To broadcast for CBS, FOX, and NBC. Also of course The EA Sports Madden Football game is one of the biggest video games franchisees that ever. He will be missed and never forgotten.
Our good friend Devon comes on and talks about the dumpster fire that is New York Football. Both the Giants and Jets are once again laughing stocks of the league. The Giants are basically bringing back Daniel Jones and Coach Judge. Is it a smart move to make that announcement? Especially when they are about to go on a GM search. Most of us think it was a silly movie. As for the Jets, It’s another year of the suck, Zack Wilson has had a real rough rookie year. Thankfully had a few moments last week vs Jacksonville to make Jet fans sorta happy but not satisfied at what was a very lackluster rookie season for the rook. 
We quickly ran through the week 17 Matchups in pick-em. games we love, hate, don’t get at all but we will still run through them like a fine powder.
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Happy New Year!  

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