We have made it to episode 300!  The whole gang’s here for this big show, We welcome our good Friend Donny for the first time since the NFL Draft.

With Donny being on the show we talked about his favorite team the Bengals and the hot start to their season and with a two-game losing streak, they look to right the ship with the young core of players they have. The sky’s the limit it will be interesting to see how they finish this season off. The future is very bright and it is something to get really excited about for years to come. 
We touch on the Odell Beckham Jr saga. Where will he land when he picks the team he wants to go to? Who wants him and wants to deal with the proven drama that comes with having him on the team. Is it worth the risk for something as talented as he is to play a half of a season with a condensing team and get his career back into the once-promising HOF career when he started with the Giants? It really is an interesting story especially since Vin’s Green Bay Packers are one of the teams rumored to be interested. 
We welcome Donny to our weekly pick ’em pool. We pick each and every game that is going to be played this upcoming week. We break down the teams we love and hate this week and have great discussions about what the key storylines will be.
We wrap up the show talking about free-agent baseball. Who do we expect the Mets to look at in free agency? Where does Michael Conforto land is another big question for us Mets fans? Time will only tell.
As always thank you to Donny for coming on and chatting it up with us. As always thank you to everyone who listened to our shows and the first 299 shows before this. Until next week have a great one.  

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