SNDP #242: Social Distancing Version 2.0

Steve and Dan come to you live from their own homes once again. We broke down different sports topics to hopefully keep everyone’s minds off the world for a few mins.

Steve and Dan never really talk about it a lot on the show but they both collect sports memorabilia. They went on to talk about their favorite pieces that they each have and the backstories to each of those given pieces. Then that led to the story of the nicest athletes and not so nice athletes that they have met.


They then asked each other the question of “If you were a commissioner of a sports league what would be some ways you would be able to keep the fans involved during this time with no sports going on”. This also included when sports do come back because it’s not going to be normal how would you like to see a sports league handing the difference of pre-pandemic hitting this country.  We both came up with different ideas for each sport to keep the fanbases entertained.


Following that they recapped the two-night WrestleMania 36 at the WWE Performance Center. They went in-depth with all the matches and which matches were their favorites and which were just downright awful. But at the end of the day, they both thought it was two good shows with no fans in the stands to help have normalcy feel to watching wrestling. But with all things considered WWE did a great job with limited access to their normal universe.


Lastly, they talked about if there was any old sporting event that they have watched or are going to watch to help kill time during this pandemic. They both ran through a few of the games that they caught themselves watching because of how great the memory meant to them.


Thank you for listening. We want to thank every essential worker who has to stick his or her neck out on the line every day for the betterment of other people’s lives we can’t thank you enough. We love you all and enjoy it.

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