SNDP # 230: Mid-Summer Catch Up

Steven, Dan, and Vin are back after a bit of a break to talk about every they missed in the world of sports!

First, they discuss the potential of the NFL moving to an 18 game regular season and it’s pros and cons for the health of the league and the players in it.

Next, they get into the offseason of the NBA and NHL. The super teams have been dismantled and it’s not Duos that run the NBA. Which one will be most successful? One of the LA team? How will the Rockets do with 2 ball dominant stars?
All these questions are discussed as we lead into the NHL. The Rangers 15 minute rebuild ended as the landed the big free agent fish in Artemi Panarin and are now a playoff contender. The Islanders missed out but coming off a strong season has brought back the same team. Where will they go for an offensive upgrade?

Finally, the boys round it out with a baseball post all Star recap. The Yankees are just rolling along, seemingly one starter away from world series favorites. The Mets, on the other hand, can’t get out of their own way. Oh the pain

Tell us all your thoughts on these subjects @sndpodcast on Twitter or at the SNDPodcast Facebook page. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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