Behan’s Take 08/5/17

Here is another Behan’s Take! Enjoy it hope to see you guys at Citi Field today LGM!

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Ceraso And The Beard; Episode 1

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera (The Talking Beard) break down the MLB trade deadline. As we review what the best and worse moves of the deadline were. With Sonny Gray and Yu Darvish being traded hear our take on the deals. Find out who our Dude and Dunce of the week are. As well as we look back in this day in sports history in our Beard Back flash back.

So listen in to our first episode of Ceraso and The Beard Podcast!

Weisman And Oz Week 61 Friday

With the new acquisitions, is it enoguh to make the Ynakees World Series contenders? The deadline has come and gone, and Asdrubal Cabrera is still a Mets, but the question, is he here to stay? And listen the spot we had with Rob Taub at 2:30 where we recapped the Rangers and Islanders off-season.

SNDP # 187 : #GK10

The boys are back with a packed show. This weeks show will help raise money for the Curtis Granderson Grand Kids Foundation. So make sure to listen and share! The boys recap the MLB trade deadline and look at the ahead to the NFL Preseason.

Don’t be Surprised, Be Ready!

By July 7th, Amed Rosario is jumped from the 8th ranked MLB prospect to the number 4 prospect as per Baseball America. He has been the number 1 New York Met prospect for the entire 2017 season. With high prospect rankings come high expectations.

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The North Remembers

Previewing the 2017-18 Green Bay Packers

The Game of Thrones/Packers connections are endless. The North vs The South, Aaron is Jon Snow, Clay is pretty much an actual wildling at this point, the list goes on. The 7th season of the show started with a bang and a line that I hope rings true for this coming season. “When people ask what happened here, tell them the north remembers” The line was fitting for young Arya Stark and hopefully will be true for the Green Bay Packers in their week 2 NFC Championship game rematch with the Atlanta Falcons and throughout the entire 2017-18 NFL season. Heading into camp it’s time to preview the season, take a look at the team figure out where they are headed this year.

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Weisman And Oz Week 60 Friday

The Yankees continue to roll after an exciting win last night, now that the trade deadline is almost upon us, should they be pressured to make a trade for Sonny Gray? With Lucas Duda officially traded, who will be next? Granderson? Cabrera? Bruce? Football season is sooner rather than later. It’s championship or bust for the Giants. And will Todd Bowels be able to survive what is expected to be an awful season? We discuss the latest in Week 60 of Weisman and Oz.

Yankees: Haya Doin’

First off, if you don’t understand the title, you are really young. It was the 1999 Yankees playoff theme song in which Z100 played on the radio at least once an hour. Anyway, the 2017 season has kind of been a surprise to me personally for the Yankees. After trading away most big name guys, a pretty weak starting rotation and just an overall young team, I expected the Yankees to compete but miss out of the playoffs. Boy was I wrong. As of July 28th, the New York Yankees are half a game of out first place in the division and hold a 1 game lead on the first wild card spot. But do they have enough to stay in the playoff race and make a deep run?

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