Jays week in wrestling podcast Episode 40: Wrestlemania 35/NXT Takeover Preview show

Jay is back with this jam packed episode. Jay joined by Danny Behan of the SND Podcast as well as Pro Wrestler “The Jurrasic Juggernaut” Vince Steele to preview Wrestlemania weekend. Vince is an up and comer on the Independent scene and spent some time with the guys talking about how his career has gone, the way it started, and where hes going. The fellas then get into the predictions for NXT Takeover Brooklyn and Wrestlemania 35. The guys also get into fond memories of the I ductless for this years class of the hall of fame headlined by Degeneration X and the Hart Foundation. Make sure to catch the show on sndblog.com, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio, iTunes, Google play music or wherever you get your podcast from. Be sure to be on the look out for all the latest from the SND Podcast Channel and spread the word! Thanks for listening. Continue reading “Jays week in wrestling podcast Episode 40: Wrestlemania 35/NXT Takeover Preview show”


Jays XTRA: Wrestlemania X-7 Review

Jay is back at it and since its mania season hes in the mania spirit! Jay is joined by “Izzy” Israel and they review one if not their favorite mania of all time mania 17. This mania in particular created a monster shift in the foundation of the wrestling business and was the catalyst for the infamous flop known as the invasion angle. This card was stacked with all your fav attitude era superstars with a main event that shocked the system in wwe in The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. Jay and izzy get into the full card and talk memories of the ppv. The guys also talk kofi Kingston and just bring up the 2019 mania card which will be previewed on the jam packed 40th episode of the Jay’s week in wrestling podcast. Be on the look out for the mania show cause Jay will have some heavy hitters for the show. Continue reading “Jays XTRA: Wrestlemania X-7 Review”

Ceraso and The Beard Ep.46 Gronk retires, MLB Opening Day and Signings!!

Ceraso and The Beard Podcast Ep.46 Nick Ceraso and Jose Riveras (a.k.a The Talking Beard) break down the extension craze going around Major League Baseball and celebrate Opening Day. What did we take away from what should be a national holiday.

We take a look at the Mike Trout and Jacob deGrom extensions, examining just how important it was for their respective teams. We also give our take on which extensions caught us by surprise and which one is the most important.

We also give our thoughts on the Gronkowski retirement and how it impacts the Patriots. Will Brady be missing one of his top targets and has Gronk actually played his final game. Also, up for discussion: is Gronkowski a Hall of Famer?

Ceraso and the Beard also give their thoughts on Conor McGregor’s abrupt retirement, the Dallas Cowboys/DeMarcus Lawrence drama and the daily New York Giants future QB drama. Continue reading “Ceraso and The Beard Ep.46 Gronk retires, MLB Opening Day and Signings!!”


The 2019 Baseball season is finally under way the guys recap both the New York Mets and New York Yankees wins on opening day. They also go in depth on both teams with keys for them both to make runs to the playoffs this year. Find out why they are all very excited on the potential the Mets have but are playing it safe since they have seen this happen before. As for the Yankees it’s pretty much do the same thing they did last year and find a way to improve on the very few weaknesses that they have to win the AL East this season. The Boys also had a lead off topic of was Michigan State Head Basketball Coach out of line for yelling at one of his player in front of the whole nation. They also gave their takes on the brand-new Challenge Rule in the NFL. They wrap up the show talking about the Islanders and what it will take for them to wrap up a Playoff spot and talk about their potential in making a playoff run. Thank you for listening please be sure to like and Rate and to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Continue reading “SNDP # 225: BASEBALL IS BACK”

Ceraso and The Beard Ep.45 NCAA March Madness Tourney

Ceraso and The Beard Podcast Ep.45, Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera (a.k.a The Talking Beard) give you our brackets for March Madness. Did the commitee get oit right with three ACC teams being ranked number 1 seeds. Continue reading “Ceraso and The Beard Ep.45 NCAA March Madness Tourney”

Ceraso and The Beard Ep.44 AL Div, MVP CY and WS Predictions

Ceraso and The Beard Podcast Ep.44 Nick Ceraso and Jose Riveras (a.k.a The Talking Beard) give you our MLB American League Division Predictions.  Are more AL teams trying to compete or looking to rebuild against the powerhouse teams of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Astros. Why the AL Central is the weakest division and are the Twins a serious threat the win the Central.

Continue reading “Ceraso and The Beard Ep.44 AL Div, MVP CY and WS Predictions”

2019 MLB Predictions

With baseball season starting on Wednesday morning  in Japan between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland A’s. I wanted to do my yearly predictions everything from MVP’s To World Series Champions. Continue reading “2019 MLB Predictions”

Thank you, Landon

Thank You Landon Collins!

In the second round of the 2015 draft, at the 33rd pick, the New York Giants selected Landon Collins out of the University of Alabama. My first thought was, okay, a hard-hitting safety. Coming from a defensive system. Danny reached out to me going nuts over this selection, he was so excited for him to be a giant. Continue reading “Thank you, Landon”

Dear Older Generation Giants Fans

Over the past five years, I have heard every imaginable thing good and bad about Odell Beckham Jr. It seems to me that the older generation Giants fans would always go out of their ways to bash Odell Beckham every chance they can. Continue reading “Dear Older Generation Giants Fans”

Ceraso and The Beard Ep.43 OBJ, AB Traded!! MLB NL Div Predictions

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera (a.k.a The Talking Beard) breakdown the Wide Receiver trades of OBJ to the Browns and AB to the Raiders. Does the NBA need to make changes with fan seating after Westbrook and Utah fan.  We also give our NL Division winners.

Continue reading “Ceraso and The Beard Ep.43 OBJ, AB Traded!! MLB NL Div Predictions”