SNDP 244: 2020 NFL Draft Recap

Woo, something sports-related came back for three days. The NFL wrapped up its virtual 2020 draft. The guys broke down everything they liked and disliked about this year’s format giving the current situation. The NFL did the very best that they could up and did they come as close to perfect as they could have expected. Continue reading “SNDP 244: 2020 NFL Draft Recap”


Cooking with Angel Episode 1: Babyback Ribs and Flan

Welcome to episode one of Cooking with Angel on the SND Podcast channel. The show is designed to help new cooks feel comfortable in the kitchen and also to provide experienced chefs with quick and creative ideas on how to cook various classics.

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Thank you for listening. We want to thank every essential worker who has to stick his or her neck out on the line every day for the betterment of other people’s lives we can’t thank you enough. We love you all and enjoy it.

Sports are back! For the first time in what seems like forever, although it’s only been a month, there is some sports news to talk about! The boys start off with their thoughts on the first 2 episodes of “the last dance” bulls documentary on ESPN and the interesting situations with the contracts of MJ and Scottie Pippen, as well as what we are looking for in it going forward.

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Top Ten Giants Games I’ve Attended

With everything going on recently with the pandemic of COVID-19, a lot of people are faced with a ton of uncertainties and for a lot of us who love sports like myself always had sports to be there one saving grace. Unfortunately, this is a very rare time that sports all around the world has to be postponed with great reason. Continue reading “Top Ten Giants Games I’ve Attended”

Ceraso and The Beard Ep 57, Brady signs, NFL draft preview

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera (a.k.a The Talking Beard) break down the latest going on in the NFL. Tom Brady signs with the Tampa Bay Bucs. Can this hurt his legacy? Can Brady put up his best career numbers with the weapons he has now? Should the Bucs be going into the season as such a high favorite now that they have Brady? Continue reading “Ceraso and The Beard Ep 57, Brady signs, NFL draft preview”

SNDP #242: Social Distancing Version 2.0

Steve and Dan come to you live from their own homes once again. We broke down different sports topics to hopefully keep everyone’s minds off the world for a few mins. Continue reading “SNDP #242: Social Distancing Version 2.0”

Ranking Movie Batman

My Personal Movie Batman Actor Rankings

When we first launched the SNDBLOG, I started with an article ranking the Spider-Man’s. With everything going on in this world right now, I decided that it was time to rank my all-time Batman favorites. Batman is and will always be my favorite comic hero. The reason is simple, Batman, The animated series. I would come home from school in the early 90s and want to watch power rangers and Batman. With that being said, this blog has nothing to do with any of the Batman animated series, which by the way, Kevin Conroy will always be the best animated Batman.

Please note that I am not placing them in order yet, just order of appearance as Batman, the ranking will be at the end. Continue reading “Ranking Movie Batman”

How 5 Aces turned into a Full House

Photo Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

Even during the quarantine, Mets fans get the short end of the stick as Noah Syndergaard needs Tommy John surgery which will cost him this season and some of next. I was pretty sure sports being on freeze would help the Mets. By the time games resume the minor injuries to JD Davis and Michael Conforto would be long behind us, Cespedes would probably be in game shape and any lingering issues Dellin Betances had would be a thing of the past, but alas it was not to be. In terms of this season (whenever it’s safe and responsible to play, no rush) the loss of Noah is a big one but probably one that can be overcame. The 3 guys fighting for the 5th spot all get jobs and while it’s no longer a dominant 5, it’s serviceable for a team that can beat you 1-8 lineup wise. The loss of Noah to me is more of a big picture loss. “What could have been” is a common theme with the Mets from the mid 80’s teams to generation K to the Mid 2000s teams so this is just another in that line, but it is still worth rehashing. How did the unbeatable 5 aces turn into a full house of duces over aces?
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