Our 1st year as Giant Season Ticket Holders

It’s crazy to think that it’s been one year to the date that my wife Nicole surprised me with the chance to own Giants Season Tickets.

When I got the phone call I thought she was playing a prank on me because earlier that morning I was thinking on getting a Mets partial plan. She called me up and said hey listen I just got a call from a ticket reps from the Giants saying our names were on top of the list for chance to purchase season tickets. Nicole told the rep she had to talk to me. All I recall saying is “Are you fucking with me right now!?” Nicole was like I’m 100% being serious right now. Mets half season plan or the giants full season. So I obviously said yes to the season tickets because how often do we have the chance to become Season Ticket holders of a sports team you really love and is able to commit to it.

Just like that, section 324 row 21 seats 11 and 12 were officially ours with the purchase of the psl’s. (It’s the biggest rip off but we can get into that another time) The pure joy I had when we got the official paper work filled out and scanned over to the Giants.

Now the waiting game. We had to obviously wait all winter and spring for the tickets to arrive to our house to be official! When we received the the package you saw the Giants official address header on it. I felt like Charlie when he opened up the final wonka bar in book and movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

In our first season as season ticket holder obviously the season didn’t end the way we originally planned for because we all hoped and dreamed of being a playoff teams and beyond dare I say super bowl contenders. But that drastically changed to a 2 win team! We ended up going to six out of the eight regular season games. Thankfully one was because of our beautiful honeymoon and today because it’s New Year’s Eve and we wanted to be ready for the New Years Eve party we were invited to. It also helped that they were a 2 win team with it being 15 degrees but I digress.

We learned a lot from our good friend Steve and his father Alan who have been season ticket holder for years and are pros at it. Steve has not missed a game in 10 years! It’s pretty amazing record to hold especially being able to withstand everything! We park in lot J8 and every tailgate is a fun time and is “our happy place.”It was crazy to see how how quickly the weather changes from wearing shorts and a t-shirts to bundling up in clothes to stay warm. But like what we always said no matter good or bad the team is you can’t lose at the Tailgate!

With so much madness to this year, Nicole and I still had great memories from being able to go on the field and locker room at the Season Ticket holder’s holiday photo shoot.

Or meeting former players who you do meet and greet in front of our entrance to get to our seat! It was cool to meet David Diehl, Shaun O’Hara and Armani Toomer!

1 year in the books but here is to a better 2018 and beyond! As always though good times and bad go Giants!

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