Oh Yo! 

Not only is this image hard to look at in picture form, but seeing it all go down in person was harder to watch. Before, I begin on my mini, heartbroken rant, everyone should know (if you don’t already) that Yoenis Céspedes is my favorite ball player. Anyway, I was lucky enough to be in Washington D.C. this past weekend and well, so were the Mets! Friday night, I had the chance to go to Nationals Park and root on the orange and blue in enemy territory.

Using his infamous nickname, “La Potencia” which translates to “The Power”, for the very first Players Weekend, I watched my favorite Met step up to the plate in the top of the first. Céspedes drew a walk. I was watching him stand at first base, stretching out his legs. My first thought, “Oh no. That’s not good.” When Céspedes reached second base, I saw him start to pound his fist on his leg. My second thought was, “This is really not good”. I had a terrible feeling in my gut. Unfortunately my gut was right. As I watched Céspedes pull up as he rounded third base, unable to put any weight on his right leg, I felt my heart sink into my stomach. Watching him hobble off the field, in excruciating pain, wasn’t too wonderful either. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had just watched my favorite ball player for the last time in 2017.

When I saw that reports were saying it was just a hamstring strain, I was relieved a little bit. I figured a stint on the disabled list was looming not far behind. Then came the news today: Yoenis Céspedes is done for the season. This injury is as intense as the injury he suffered from at the beginning of the season; recovery time would be about six weeks. Reading it, is like a knife to the heart.

This season has been a rough one for Céspedes. Céspedes has only been on the field for 81 games this season, batting .292 (he was on an offensive tear as of late), with only 17 HRs and 42 RBIs, and an OBP of .352. The injury bug bit Céspedes hard this year. Maybe it was his offseason workout regimen, maybe it’s the Mets training staff, maybe Céspedes just really needs to drink more water. Regardless, this is a blow to an otherwise depleting season and well, it just really breaks my damn heart. See you in 2018, Céspedes.

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