New York Knicks, 3rd pick overall​

Time to get the Knicks back to winning!

Some things you just can’t make up. Let’s take the New York Knicks as the perfect example. For years, the Knicks have been just really bad to watch. Attendance may not show it but let’s face it, the Knicks are a laughing stock. Haven’t made the postseason since the 2012-2013 season, Knicks fans have been begging for a just something to slightly go their way.

From the 1987-1988 season until the 2000-2001, the Knicks made the playoffs 14 straight seasons. Since then, only 4 seasons have the New York Knicks been apart of the postseason, the last time coming 2012-2013 season. Things needed to be changed, things needed to go the Knicks way. Finally, this past 2018-2019 season, what might have been the least NBA ready roster they have put on the court in a long time, it was time for the fans to believe. The Knick fans would be thinking all season about the summer of

With big names such as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Embed from Getty Images being as free agents, Knick fans started thinking about the big 3 in New York. No, I don’t mean Kristaps Porzingis with Irving and Durant, but the thought about Zion Williamson Embed from Getty Images along with Durant and Irving. For a franchise who seems to never have a 1stround pick and no cap room, the Knicks will enter 2019 offseason with the most cap space in all of the NBA at $74.5 Million and the 3rdoverall draft pick.

So, let’s start there, the 3rdoverall pick. By the time this article is being read, everybody will know that Knicks will officially pick 3rdoverall. Let me start with this, for the first time in NBA history they have made changes the draft lottery rules so that the 3 worse teams all have an even 14% chance at the first pick. Shocking the year, the Knicks finish with the worse record. The Lakers, Grizzlies, and Pelicans would all earn the right into the top 4 based on the Suns, Cavs, and Bulls all falling out of the top 4. The last time the Knicks had the first pick was in 1985 when they would end up winning the draft lottery and drafted some guy out of Georgetown, his name, Patrick Ewing. ewing.jpg

Now the coach of his alma mater Georgetown, the Knicks would send Ewing to represent the team at the lottery. Clearly, it didn’t work out to well but still have a top 3 pick. So, what should the Knicks do?

Here are my 3 options;

  1. Draft RJ Barrett: Embed from Getty Images Being at Duke brings a lot of pressure to a lot of players, expect RJ Barrett got super lucky for his year at Duke. Little do people realize, Barrett was the number 1 recruit as per ESPN coming out of high school in 2018. Having commuted to Duke, Barrett was scheduled to play alongside Zion Williamson. He would also learn the play from the best college coach in history, Mike Krzyzewski. Little do people also remember is the 1984 NBA Draft. This guy named Michael Jordan was drafted 3rd He turned out pretty good, granted I’m not saying Barrett is going to be Michael Jordan, but he has the talent to be one of the best players in the league.
  2. Trade the pick: Having the 3rdpick, the team has a couple of options. Trading the pick could be the best move. It will also have the most risk. As reported by Shams Charania of the Athletic, Anthony Davis has not changed his stance and still would like to be traded. The 3rdprospect as of May 14this RJ Barrett out of Duke. With the Pelicans now owning the 1stpick and most likely going to draft Zion Williamson, the guy he seemed to connect with the most at school was Barrett. So why not make the call. With one year remaining on his contract, it shouldn’t take too much to get him. Even though I do believe it will take at least 2 first round picks if they can get Davis it will be worth everything.
  3. Draft Ja MorantEmbed from Getty Images The stud out of Murray St could easily be the first overall pick in this year’s draft. Now, the feeling is simple, he will not fall past 2 with Williamson going number 1. However, you just never know. Maybe, the Memphis Grizzlies will trade back in the draft to pick up draft prospects in the future. They can also really like Barrett and take him at the 2 spot. This the move I fully expect not to happen, but if Morant is there and Williamson and Barrett are taken, they HAVE to draft Morant.

Now, at the end of the day, no matter what the General Manager Scott Perry will be under very close watch. It’s time to get the Knicks back to the winning ways. The process has started and it’s super important to continue it. June 20th is a very important day, what Mr. Perry decides to do will also play a role in what happens on July 1st, when NBA GM’s can start talking to free agents. By doing the right thing at the draft, the Knicks could be back to the Knicks of the 90s. They will also become very competitive in a very open Eastern Conference. It’s time to get back to the good old days, Go New York Go!

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