Nightmares On Jay’s Street episode 2: Scream franchise

Jay is back with episode 2 of the podcast. His wife Angel is back to talk about the Scream movies.


In a time where the slasher genre of horror seemed to be dead and buried scream which came out in 1996 gave it the shot of adrenaline that it needed. Brought to us by the legend behind a nightmare on Elm Street Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson the 1st scream was a huge success. Using a mix comedy and gore it didn’t take itself to seriously while bringing light to the original horror films that made the genre what it was. Angel and Jay talk about all 4 films and give there take on them as well as which are their favorites. The 1st scream was so popular it spawned other movie concepts like the I know what u did last summer series and spoofs like the scary movie franchise. which Jay will get into in future shows.
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