Nightmares On Jays Street episode 4: Halloween Kills Review

Jay is back with the fourth edition of his horror podcast. In this episode, Jay is joined by his father Eliud Lopez to talk about the 2nd of this 3 movie trilogy by Blumhouse studios. Halloween Kills is directed by David Gordon Green and written by Danny Mcbride. 

This film continues where the 2018 film ended. Can Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), her family, and the city of Haddonfield finally take down the boogieman named Micahel Myers? The Lopez guys give their opinion on the movie and where the plot leads going into the finale Halloween Ends which comes out October of 2022. In the next episode, the guys will get into the classic version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre from the 70s! As always catch the show on the SND Podcast Channel! Get the channel at and Thanks for listening.

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