New York Jets 2017 Preview

2016 was supposed to be a promising year for the New York Jets. Finishing 10-6 in 2015, basically bringing back the same roster with the addition of the rookie class and signing free agent Pro Bowl running back, Matt Forte, 2016 was supposed to be a playoff year. Well, as many people know, it was not. Ryan Fitzpatrick, the 2015 starting QB, decided to hold out for more money and would go ahead and miss all of minicamp. He would eventually sign his contract right before training camp and would be deemed the starter for the 2016 season.

Off topic a little, I don’t think Ryan Fitzpatrick is that good or worth $12 million he held out for. I do believe if he would have signed earlier in the off-season and worked out with the team, the 2016 may have been better. Instead the Jets would go on to finish the season 5-11 and it was an ugly 5-11.

With a dreadful 2016 coming to an end, the 2017 off-season saw the Jets getting younger. They would go on and cut veterans such as Nick Folk, Brandon Marshall, Darrelle Revis, and longtime center, Nick Mangold. They would also let Ryan Fitzpatrick walk and trade safety Calvin Pryor. They would go on to bring Cornerback Morris Claiborne, who is known for having the lowest wonderlic test in his 2012 draft class. They would also bring in, recently announced starter, veteran quarterback Josh McCown.

Let’s start off by stating on record, the Jets will not go 0-16 this season. Josh McCown, I do believe, despite the lack of talent around him, does have enough talent to help the Jets win 2-4 games. The Jets also have a solid defense up front, with Williams, Wilkerson and Richardson. Don’t forget last year number 1 pick Darron Lee and this season number 1 pick, Jamal Adams. I’m a big-time Adams fan. I believe he has what it takes to be one of those Landon Collins/Kam Chancellor type of players. The safety that doesn’t just play up top, but he plays at the line, he’s at the ball on every play. He still has a lot to learn but give him 2-3 years and he will be a beast among men in my opinion.

A lot of questions for the Jets this season. Let’s look at a couple of them.

Who will McCown throw the ball too? So, stop me if you have heard of any of these guys, Robby Anderson, Charone Peake, Jalin Marshall or Chris Harper. No, well, not may have. Maybe this summer, you got to know about Anderson, who is expected to be the number 1 receiver, but other than that, the Jets have a no named receiver core. Expect for at tight end, where Austin Seferian-Jenkins is supposed to be the starter. McCown is also expected to have Matt Forte in his back field, unless he is traded or released as per rumors on 8/29.

Hot Seat – Todd Bowles took over as head coach after Rex Ryan was let go after the 2014 season for the Jets. In his first year, as we talked about earlier, he went 10-5 and missed the playoffs by 1 game. 2016 wasn’t great and people called for his firing. We won’t talk about the 90s since the Jets had Pete Carroll, Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick, even if just for 1 day, as their head coach at some point during that time. Since the 2000 season, the Jets have had 5 head coaches in 17 years. Personally, I think that’s about an average number. No team is going to have 1 during that time frame unless you are the Pats. Oh, or Cincy, who, let’s face facts, nobody knows how Marvin Lewis has that job still. I am a firm believer that in the NFL coaches really get the short end of the stick, mainly the ones who have 1 or 2 good years, then 1 bad year. If they have 1 bad year, odds are they are fired. Unless the coach has 4 or less wins in his first year, in my own opinion, believe they deserve a chance. Bowles led this team to 10 wins two seasons ago, last season he had 5. Downgrade, yes, big time. But, let’s give him not just this year, but next year to develop the team and see what happens. It’s going to be a long year for Jet fans, but wouldn’t you rather build with one guy, than keep trying different guys every other year?

Sheldon Richardson- Why is he still on the team? Two straight years the Jets have attempted to trade Richardson after the season up until the draft. Both times they have just asked for way too much. Basically demanding first round picks for him. I do believe he’s a good player and that’s not the reason for no team wanting to trade for him. I think the issue here is that his contract is close to the end. At the end of the 2017 season, Richardson is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent. If he has a good year, he can sit back and ask for upwards of a total contract of over 60 million dollars. That is what the highest contract was given to a defensive lineman as per spotrac for the 2017 free agent period. If Richardson isn’t traded, and is with the team for the season, he better be all in if he plans to get that big payday.

Update 9/1- The Jets have traded Richardson to the Seahawks for Jermaine Kearse (WR) and either a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Patience- The fact of the matter is, Jet fans need to take a deep breath and be patient. This is looking like it could end up being a really long season. Also note, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are both still in New England. It’s going to be a long road for the Jets, and like guns and roses sang, “you need a little patience”

2017 Record prediction- 3-13

Team awards for 2017;

  • Team MVP – Leonard Williams
  • Offensive Break Out Player- Robby Anderson
  • Defensive Break Out Player – Darron Lee
  • Most Impactful Rookie – Jamal Adams



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  1. Interesting take. Glad there was no bashing, which there shouldn’t have been. They’ll embarrass themselves enough this year. Agree 100% regarding the coaching tidbit – let him try to work things out. Unless there is an absolute mutiny, then keep him for at least 1-2 more years as long as there is some improvement.

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