Mindset of Mediocrity

After losing their 7th straight game and having another putrid offensive output it’s become clear things are heading downward once again for our beloved Meties. So what went wrong? The truth is a little bit of everything and the burden has fallen on a first year manager to fix it. Not an easy task. From Ownership on down accountability was preached and the promise was things would change. Well they haven’t. At all. And there in lies the problem. 

I had a thought when looking at the final Mets roster as I watched them in play a few spring games live, and it was that this is the same team as we had going into 2017. And 2016. Not exactly the same but yes. It was the same. I tried to subside it but as it’s come to light lately I realize I was correct. 

Adrián Gonzlaez, a former star player, coming off a back injury, who’s aging and trying to salvage his career. Sounds a lot like our beloved Captain doesn’t it(who we had penciled in for 3rd last year if you remember). Todd Frazier, no doubt a starting player in the league. A true 3 out comes hitter though (strikeout, walk or home run) a good glove and great clubhouse guy. Sounds a lot like the over vilified Lucas Duda to me, outside of the defense. Picking up Asdrubal Cabrera’s option, which was a good move, but again the same. How about Anthony Swarzak? Surly he’s an upgrade. Well no actually. Compared to how good Addison Reed was in 2016-17 he’s actually a downgrade. And of course resigning Jay Bruce. Who could’ve seen a guy who averaged 31 homers a year falling off so quick? Not Me. But it’s happened. 

So after going from 90 wins, to 87 and then to 70 the Mets heads decided bringing back the same exact roster and then added Jason Vargas. He’s worth 15 more wins right? Wrong. I was on record saying the 2017 Mets were the team I was most confident in since 06 so in theory bringing back a similar roster would be a good idea, but you can only bang your head against a wall so many times. 

Now who’s to blame? While I always point to Ownership. They’ve been cash strapped in Madoff and brought in a GM to work within a budget. Now I like Sandy, I always have. He’s a good baseball man and a good GM in my opinion, but he’s done a poor job building a farm system and putting a winning product out there the last 2 years. The mindset of mediocrity needs to change. Do I like Bruce and Frazier? I do, they are everyday player. But that’s it. Lorenzo Cain would’ve been a perfect fit. A true center fielder and lead off hitter this team hasn’t see in 10 years. He got 2 more years and 3 million more a year than Jay but he was never even an option. Only one reliever for a bullpen that was awful? I understand the trades for Ramos and that hasn’t worked but was the plan. Still anyone would be better than the Hansel Robles of the world. The way his value fell there was no reason for Mike Moustakas to not be an option. Even Jake Arrieta. A 3 headed monster including him would be almost unstoppable. But no, it’s another 78 win season for us. 

In the end this season could and, should, cost Sandy his job. The problem with that is the new GM has a manager that isn’t his guy. That’s never a situation I like. Could the season be turned around? I suppose. Comebacks of the past that are part of the core of a Met fan always leaves us hoping, but it’s not likely. As always though, we gotta believe

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