Jays XTRA: Wrestlemania X-7 Review

Jay is back at it and since its mania season hes in the mania spirit! Jay is joined by “Izzy” Israel and they review one if not their favorite mania of all time mania 17. This mania in particular created a monster shift in the foundation of the wrestling business and was the catalyst for the infamous flop known as the invasion angle. This card was stacked with all your fav attitude era superstars with a main event that shocked the system in wwe in The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. Jay and izzy get into the full card and talk memories of the ppv. The guys also talk kofi Kingston and just bring up the 2019 mania card which will be previewed on the jam packed 40th episode of the Jay’s week in wrestling podcast. Be on the look out for the mania show cause Jay will have some heavy hitters for the show.

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