Jays Week In Wrestling Podcast Episode 63: Scott Hall Tribute show Chico!

Hey Yo! Jay is back with this special episode where it is dedicated to the memory and life of Scott Hall who tragically passed away last week. Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon left a lasting legacy in the world of professional wrestling.

With his time In AWA, WWE, WCW, and anywhere he performed he always left his mark. Scott made stars, rejuvenated careers, and influenced some of our favorite legends and Jay gets onto his whole career.

Jay also speaks on his 1st AEW live show when he attended the revolution PPV a couple of weeks back. Jay talks about the WrestleMania card and the way the show is shaping up. Jay also speaks on his plans for mania weekend. To end off the show Jay talks about the hall of fame, the return of Steve Austin, and wwe bringing back Cody Rhodes.

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