Jays week in wrestling podcast episode 62: WWE Elimination Chamber Review show

Jay is back and is getting into the aftermath of the elimination chamber special even from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jay gives his thoughts on the 7 (should have been 8) match card that is headlined by the male and female chamber matches as well as the universal championship match. The men’s chamber match was for the WWE championship. Was the match with roman Goldberg’s last match? Jay discusses if WWE brings back Goldberg and if so, how he showed be used going forward. Jay speaks on how the WrestleMania card is shaping up after the conclusion of the chamber event. Bobby Lashley needs surgery will he miss WrestleMania?  Jay also discusses if madcap moss survived his match with Drew McIntyre. AEW lost one of its biggest stars (I believe when I see it) if so, how does Cody Rhodes impact the landscape of both AEW and WWE going forward? Jay will be back this week for episode 63 where he will discuss all the up-to-date news in the world of pro wrestling. The next episode of jay’s horror podcast Nightmares on Jays Street will be recorded this Saturday as jay and his cohost his pops Eliud Lopez speaks on the horror classic The Texas chainsaw massacre. As always catch Jay’s shows as well as other great ones on the SND Podcast channel. Catch the channel on sndblog.com and all of Jay’s shows on jonnypodcaster.com. you can listen on any podcast app imaginable thanks for listening.

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