Jays Week In Wrestling Podcast Episode 53: A Clean Finish Reunion

Jay is back with his old Clean finish wrestling show co-host Izzy Isreal Estrella. The guys get into a multitude of topics in this jam-packed show. The guys speak on the Royal Rumble pay per view for last week.

They speak on each match of the card and give their take on how are the card went match by match. The guys discuss they feel WWE should go with the mania main events in terms of which champions both winners Bianca Belair and Edge should go after. Izzy and Jay also discuss the WWE network special about the late great Yokozuna. The guy also speaks briefly on the recent passing wrestling legend the natural butch reed.

The fellas also get into other topics like the UFC, predictions for the upcoming Superbowl between the Chiefs and Buccaneers, and even talk about HBO Max and upcoming movies and shows.

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